Regimen Servicing Of The Glove Box

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Etelux reminds you that in addition to the typical inspection of the glove box, the day by day upkeep function of the glovebox is also required

one. Right before and following each function, initial thoroughly clean the natural environment to make the floor dry and clean up. Then thoroughly clean the equipment, like the internal and outer surfaces of the glove box, the observation technique, the work surface, and so on., to be free of debris and clear.

two. Thoroughly report the h2o, oxygen content material, and gasoline intake of the tools in the glove box each day to keep away from insufficient fuel stress and induce the tools to stop operating.

3. Shell out notice to the quantity of fuel in the functioning gasoline cylinder at any time and replace it in time.

4. In circumstance of electric power failure, push the "vacuum pump" button on the panel to make the vacuum pump run following power on

5. Note: Just after electrical power on, if there is a trouble that it simply cannot commence, the risk is that the vacuum pump energy cable is loosely connected. The 2nd rationale is that the vacuum pump’s personal switch is not turned on

six. When you want to place the sample into the Anaerobic Glove Box box, use a small transition chamber as a lot as possible. Prior to opening the changeover doorway, fork out interest to whether or not the stress gauge pointer on the valve cavity is at the zero posture. If it is, you can open up it right if not, you require to convert the change underneath the valve cavity to the "filling" posture to permit the fuel enter the glove box transition compartment, and then convert the swap again to the intermediate posture, then you can open up the changeover compartment Set the sample in the doorway, and then shut the door. When placing samples, be thorough not to contact the internal wall of the changeover chamber with your fingers, put on gloves to decide and place the sample

Executing these program maintenance jobs can lower the decline amount of the glove box, lengthen the services existence of the glove box, and also minimize the prevalence of incidents