List of Brokers with API Access

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Broker Instruments Notes
Interactive Brokers Everything
  • $10k minimum
  • Definitely the best retail broker out there
  • APIs in Python, C++, C# and Java
  • Event driven API, requires some experience to integrate
  • Needs to run TWS Gateway or Interactive Brokers desktop app to connect (not easy to run headless)
  • API is designed around the needs of the UI, not around the needs of developers
  • Github ib_insync project makes dealing with IB a bit easier in Python
  • CFDs
  • Spreadbets
  • REST & Streaming API
  • Share dealing without price information
  • No access to underlying instruments (futures, shares etc)
  • Funding costs & spreads need to be taken into account
FXCM Everything (edit to add details)
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • ETFs
  • Crypto
TD Ameritrade