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If you look at the official website for Baden-Baden there is a quote from President Bill Clinton at the top of the page. He said, "Baden-Baden is so nice you have to name it twice". Politics aside, I have to agree with President Clinton on this point. Baden-Baden is the place for you if you would like to spend your days receiving relaxing, healthful treatments and soaking in the thermal spa. It is also the place for you if you would like glamor filled evenings in the elegant casino.

These amenities plus scenic historic buildings and architecture. The Town attracts the rich and famous, but can also be an affordable vacation destination. Romans traveled to the thermal baths in Baden-Baden as much as 2000 years ago to enjoy the health benefits. Indeed, the ancient ruins of the Roman baths, which were excavated in 1847, are now available to tour. Today, you can enjoy the same curative waters that were enjoyed in ancient times.

The thermal spring water rises from a depth of about 6,500 feet under Baden-Baden. When it reaches the surface it's temperature of between 50 degrees Celsius and 68 degrees Celsius. This thermal water contains minerals such and sodium chloride, lithium, cesium, silica, boric acid, manganese, magnesium, and traces of cobalt, zinc and copper. It is thanks to these minerals that the waters have their curative effect. The healing powers of the springs promote good health and well-being and can improve cardiovascular, metabolism, or respiratory problems.

There are two spas open to the public. The Caracalla Spa, located in the heart of town, has 12 natural springs in a 3,000 square foot glass enclosed structure with marble pillars. There are whirlpools, waterfalls, and massaging water jets in a luxurious pool that will make you feel relaxed and pampered. The Friedrichsbad is located at the foot of the Altstadt A combination of Roman and Irish bathing traditions have been enjoyed there for 125 years. People have been traveling from the world over to enjoy the health benefits of the warm mineral waters for many years..

Spend a soothing afternoon in the spas and you will be well rested for a relaxing entertainment in the casino or for a wonderful meal at one of the many fine dining establishments in the charming town. There is a norminal charge for using the spas. They have various treatments also available, such as mud baths and massages, for additional fees. There are several health and wellness clinics in Baden-Baden. On the day I was leaving the town, I learned that there was one in an upper story of the spa that would coordinate a treatment package after a consultation.

When I get a chance to return, I definitely plan to book a consultation first thing. The treatment packages are reasonably priced and offer a more professional and balanced approach then I may choose by selecting from a menu of services. An evening out in the town can be as relaxing or as elegant as you choose. The casino has a formal and well-run atmosphere, with well-dressed clients enjoying their games, conversing, or having refreshments in the bar.

The elegant tis a major draw to Baden-Baden for their clientèle that enjoy gambling. Located in Germany, but near the French border, the town offers exquisite cuisine influenced by both German and France. There are also excellent local wines produced in the region. For a rare opportunity to blow the budget on a Michelin starred restaurant treat yourself to an elegant dinner at Le Jardin de France in the heart of town. The food was beyond excellent and the service was impeccable.

Their haute cuisine and elegance are the reason that it is considered one of the best restaurants in Germany. Yes, it is expensive, http://slotoff.com/ - slotoff.com, but the experience is worth it. Beautiful architecture abounds in the town, that escaped the destruction that affected so many German towns during World War I and World War II. There are gorgeous and well manicured gardens on winding paths, for a pleasant walk. The town has a compact feel, and most sightseeing can be accomplished by foot.

There are taxis (normally Mercedes) available, and because the town is somewhat hilly, we did use them the evening to go to dinner. Christmas was approaching and our visit included St. Nicholas Day. St. Nick was performing on the ledge of the second story of a stone building while entranced townspeople were watched delightedly. The air was filled with the laughter of happy children. There were twinkling lights along the water, where the Christkindlmark (Christmas market) was being held.

The artisans and craft people displayed their ware from their tented booths.